We've come a long way from the early days of smart TVs, which were marked by sub-standard performance, non-existent software updates, and a general lack of manufacturer support.

Smart TV platforms nowadays give you broad access to apps and on demand services like Netflix or Disney Plus, allow for ways to connect to your smart home, and offer their own unique form of navigation and layout to help you get to those things fast and efficiently.

Android TV is the nearest the smart TV universe has to a standardized operating system, but there are still variations between brand executions.

In our UHD TV Enjoy the breathtakingly realistic screen resolution, With four times the number of pixels your old 720p television was packing, you won’t believe your eyes. Revel in surround-sound like audio, without all the speakers.

HDR adds dramatic colour, contrast and brightness to each scene. Full Array backlighting adds a higher contrast range and colour accuracy. It offers a breath-taking viewing experience with incredibly crisp imaging, whatever the size of the screen and whatever you love to watch.