Substations generally have switching, protection and control equipment, and transformers. Designing and implementing substations are complicated tasks, it is very important to work on each phase carefully and with experts. In substation Elements, Location Selection, Design Diagram, Automation, Insulation, and Structure Design play vital role.

At JK Engineering we have expert consultants who have expertise on each area.

We at JK Engineering take step to provide the products which harness the Sun's power to light up the rural areas. Our Solar street light composed of a LED lamp, solar panels, battery,charge controller and electric poll. LED lights operates on electricity from battries, charge through the use of solar photovoltic panel.

Our quality solar panel come with a self life of 25 years, whereas the batteries last for 5-6 years.

Cables, especially for the field of building cabling, have ever thinner and optimized wall thikness. These products require a high degree of precision in their manufacturing process.

At JKE's venture we have our skilled research & development team can assist manufacturing as per international standard like IEC, BS, NFC, AS/NZS, VDE, CBI, and many more international markets.

We are living in the future... In all aspects, technology has improved our lives, to make it more better one of the change is an electric bike/ scooter.

We think electric bike or scooter might be biggest adoption of green transportation especially where bikes uses are very high in number.

With these nature friendly and future of transportation we togther can help to reduce air pollution. At JK Engineering we provide wide variety of designs which can accommodate your needs.